Thursday, March 02, 2006

Two more books about eyesight

I've just ordered two more books off the internet, and I'll report on them when they arrive. They are Aldous Huxley's The Art of Seeing and The Visual Handbook by John Selby. (Neither of them is in print, and the Huxley is very expensive on Amazon, so I went to Abebooks.)

Huxley is famous for The Doors of Perception, which was about his experiments with mescalin, and which gave Jim Morrison's band a name. He was a Timothy Leary with morals. But he was also interested in the everyday kind of vision. The reason: he was nearly blind. Towards the end of his life his eyesight got so bad that he was scared he was going to lose the ability to read. A terrifying possibility for a writer. His story should be interesting.


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