Thursday, March 02, 2006

A walk without glasses

This morning I went for a walk along the beach. For the first time since I was eight I wasn't wearing glasses or contact lenses. I live in Brighton. It's a very clear day. The clearness helps. Even if everybody is a blur I can see obstacles coming. I know some blurs are people. There's a man with a dog. There's someone on rollerblades. He's dangerous: I keep out of his way because I don't know if he's seen me. I hope I haven't passed anybody I know because they'll think I'm ignoring them, lost in a world of my own.

But it's a lovely blurry world. The sky is blue and the sea stretches out to the horizon. My eyes feel fresh. They're not straining, but they feel blown clean by the wind. It's good not to have that smeary screen in the way. Little floating objects — things I remember from my childhood, when my eyesight first began to get worse — pass through my field of vision.

A good walk. But I'm back home now and staring at the computer screen. It makes my eyes ache. Glasses back on. If only I could touch type.


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