Monday, March 13, 2006

Wearing weak lenses

A while ago I wrote a post about a site called glassesdirect. You type in your prescription and they send you spectacles for just £15. I ordered myself a pair, much weaker than my current prescription. They arrived today.

They're neat black plastic frames (though you can order several types), and seem solid enough. But the best thing is that my eyes feel comfortable wearing them. Since I've been going around most of the time without glasses I've found that when I do wear my ordinary strong pair I get headaches and everything seems strained. This morning I went down to the shops with my glassesdirect ones, and though I can't read street signs I can see enough to negotiate my way in and out of doors, and to smile at the newsagent, and know she's smiling at me. Until my vision starts improving big time, these new weak glasses will be the ones I'll be wearing. At least they make my eyes do some work, and at least they won't (I think) give me headaches.


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